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Austin, Texas
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  • Extensive C# and ASP.NET experience (10+ years)
  • Visual Studio 2012, .Net Framework 4.5, and Team Foundation Server
  • MVC 4 (Razor) with Entity Framework 4.x including Code-First initial development, JQuery Mobile, Telerik MVC controls, WCF, and Restful Api
  • Inversion of Control / Dependency Injection using Unity and StructureMap
  • Windows Workflow Foundation experience
  • Windows Communication Foundation experience
  • Entity Framework and Linq (including dynamic expressions)
  • Team Systems -TFS and Visual Source Safe source control experience
  • Experience with distributed technologies including Web Services, WCF, and Remoting
  • Experience with XML including XPath and Xslt
  • MS Sharepoint Portal and WebParts experience
  • MS Commerce Server and Content Management Server experience
  • JavaScript, Ajax and XMLHttp, HTML5, web client-concentric skillsets
  • Over 14 years of web development
  • 16 yrs object oriented experience(C#, Java, C++)
  • 16 yrs of database-concentric development (Microsoft & Oracle)
  • Extensive use of iCase tools for application design and data modeling
  • Extensive Object Oriented architecture development in C# .Net
  • Architectural extensions of MS Enterprise Library


As highlighted below, experience includes .NET Studio(C#, ASP.NET, MVC, .NET Framework 4.5, Entity Framework and Linq, WCF and Web Services, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Systems and IIS), JQuery and JQuery Mobile, JavaScript, MS SQLServer, Java, MS Visual C++ & MFC, SQL, Microsoft, Sybase and Oracle Database Systems.  Target architectures include web-based, mobile, n-tier and client-server architectures.  Academic achievements include Masters level Information Technology degree completion as well as Microsoft SQL Server DBA and .NET framework training.


Resume Summary

 16 years of Object-Oriented experience including:

  • 10 years web-concentric experience using ASP.NET, C#, .NET framework
  • 6 years Java and  C++

16 years of SQL experience including:

  • Linq-to-Entity - Lambda Linq database access
  • Microsoft SQL Server Transact-SQL(T-SQL) stored procedures and triggers
  • Microsoft SQL Server DBA instruction and development phase administration
  • Microsoft SQL Server SSIS and DTS development
  • ADO.NET database access
  • Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers

13 years of Web based including:

  • Microsoft ASP.NET, C# and IIS developed in Visual Studio
  • .Net MVC 4 (Razor), JQuery and JQuery Mobile, HTML 5 
  • Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 
  • Ajax development including Jquery and MS Ajax Toolkit controls 
  • Telerik MVC and RAD Web controls use including Ajax controls  
  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server/Services and WebPart development
  • Extensive Xml, XPath, and Xslt use and development
  • Microsoft Commerce Server and Content Management Server development
  • Infragistics NetAdvantage Web controls use, customization and extension including Ajax controls
  • DHTML client-side page construction and dynamic page manipulation
  • Client-concentric Document Object Model (DOM), HTML, DHTML, XML & JavaScript development
  • Server-concentric C# Class and Java Class development, MSMQ, XML, Net Remoting/DCOM and Web Services
  • Macromedia FlashMX & Fireworks object component construction
  • Sybase/PowerSoft EAStudio {PowerSite & PowerDynamo} dynamic server-concentric web pages implementing datawindow technology within EAServer {Jaguar} components (PBScript and Java) rendered as web pages (ASP & JSP)

Patterns and Practices:

  • Use and study of standard development 'Design Patterns'
  • Model View Controler (MVC) and Model View Presenter (MVP) implementation and architectural development
  • Experience with Agile Development and Extreme Programming constructs
  • Experience in a Scrum development paradigm
  • Implementation and customization of MS Patterns & Practices Enterprise Library

Extensive use of Case tools for data modeling, system and database design & creation including:

  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Rational Rose & XDE (RUP)
  • Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • ERWin / ERX
  • PowerDesigner
  • EasyCase

Operational, Presentation and Documentation tools:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel) and SharePoint Portal Services
  • nDoc
  • SandCastle
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Sparx Enterprise Architect

Education & Training

  • Master of Science in Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems
  • Microsoft .NET Training - 2310B Developing Web Applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft .NET Training - 2349B Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework (Visual C# .NET)
  • Microsoft .NET Training - 2524B Developing XML Web Services using Microsoft ASP .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server DBA training

Information Systems Experience

  • Programming Languages:  C#.Net, VB.Net, Java, MS C++ & MFC
  • Web-based:  ASP.Net, MVC, JQuery, WCF, AJAX, JQuery Mobile and HTML5, .Net Web Services, HTML, DHTML, XML, Java JSP
  • Scripting languages:  JQuery, SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Linq, JQuery Mobile
  • Database:  MS SQLServer, Oracle, MS Access
  • Networks/Communications:  HTTP, SOAP, XMLHttp (Ajax), IIOP, TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP/MAPI
  • Analysis and Design:  Unified Modeling Language (UML), Rational Rose/XDE (RUP), MS Visio, Enterprise Architect

Skills Development

FowCo Consulting, Inc.                    Austin, TX

Web Development  Oct.'08 to Present

Technologies include .Net Framework 2 thru 4.5, C#, Asp.Net, MVC, Entity Framework, JQuery and JQuery Mobile, Linq, Enterprise Library, Windows Communication Foundation, Ajax, Sharepoint Portal Server and Sharepoint Services, and SQLServer.  Other technologies include Telerik MVC and Ajax controls, Infragistics Ajax controls, StructureMap and Unity for IOC - Dependency Injection.


Venture Management System
Combining MVC 4, custom and GNU tools, WCF and nHibernate developed a system to manage a bid process and post-award project management process for a venture management process.  Process included some mobile manipulation of project elements. Telerik MVC grid and jqGrid presentation components were use in web and mobile respectively.  Primary responsibilities include MVC development including custom helpers and extensions, WCF development, and Sql Server management in a POCO to DTO to ViewModel n-tier architecture leveraging AutoMapper transformations.  StructureMap was utilized in the Service tier for IOC. Extensive Dynamic Linq was utilized for Service tier result manipulation with WCF hosting in a Windows Service for thread management and pooling.

 Financial Systems Tracking System

Utilizing .Net MVC 3 (Razor), Entity Framework 4.3 Code-First, Telerik MVC, Unity Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection, and Sql Server, created a web based client tracking and management system to aide in fund participation management and client meta-data self- management including mobile based client access. UI Mobile development included JQuery Mobile and HTML5 style and role class implementation within MVC custom Helpers. Linq-to-Entity query formation and dynamic manipulation in a SOA patterned data service layer presented reflection transformed models to controller-based MVC web tier for presentation in Razor-based views.

Social Media Statistical Model

Combine WCF RIA, Silverlight, .Net MVC 2, Entity Framework, Infragistics, and Spring.Net to provide a REST based architecture for presentation of Social based data and a statistical dashboard to guide marketing and sales focus for an Austin based manufacturer. WCF Data Services were utilized for Restful operation contract exposure to WCF RIA.

Decision Support System

Physiological based testing based system including heuristically driven decision support with technologies including Asp.Net, C#, Sql Server, Telerik RAD Ajax controls, Linq-to-Sql, and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).  Database access to both Sql Server and Oracle, the implementation of SSAS cubes and Bayesian heuristics designed to derive an average deviation for decision support.

Service Tracking and Document Management

Health Care based service tracking site with technologies including Asp.Net, C#, Sql Server, MS Ajax Toolkit, Telerik Ajax controls, Linq-to-Sql, and Windows Communication Foundation providing a definitive separation of tiers for scalability to an enterprise web application. Target presentation was hand-help tablets and extensive service tier integration with patient data system and service billing system augmented the systems data management.

eCommerce Development

Commerce based site including Asp.Net, C#, Sql Server, Ajax Toolkit, Infragistics Net Advantage, and Commerce Server 2007 to target market instructional and educational media.  Windows Communication Foundation was coupled with the Ajax Toolkit for enhanced user experience.  Complete .Net Security and Membership components provided a membership model with Commerce Server 2007 used as the product presentation handler utilizing custom extensions to the MS Commerce Components Library.

.NetSolv Consulting, Inc.                    Austin, TX

Sr. Technical Lead / Architect - Web Development  Feb `02 - Oct `08

Significant .Net projects, as Project Technical Lead and functional Architect, using Microsoft technologies including .Net 1.0 to 3.5, C#, Asp.Net, .Net Web Services, Windows Communication Foundation, Enterprise Library, Windows Workflow Foundation, Sharepoint Portal Server and Sharepoint Services, Commerce Server, Content Management Server, MSMQ, .Net Remoting, and SQL Server.  Other technologies include Oracle, UML/RUP, Infragistics NetAdvantage, NUnit and NUnitAsp.

Most Significant Projects:

Workflow Based Architecture and System Development

Architect and technical lead to develop a system based on a broker patterned construct and designed after the state-machine and service broker systems.  The implementation combined web services (WCF) and state-machine workflows as an autonomous Service Orientation solution to manage the asynchronous communication between disparate systems, achieving action-result transitions in an event-driven flow.  Invoked from client-concentric Ajax calls, an entities ‘status’ would progress through states, each requiring specific programmatic steps, achieved by encapsulating processing within sequential workflows activities.

With the UI design based on Model-View-Presenter (MVP) pattern, a custom composite server control provided a template-driven display and managed data entities leveraging Enterprise Library polymorphic extensions.  Technologies include Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Web Services, custom SOAP extensions and headers, Enterprise Library, .Net Framework 3.5, Ajax, Sql Server ’05, and Team Systems ’08 in a Vista development environment deployed to a multi-tier Server ’03 platform.

eCommerce Architecture Development 

Architect and Develop an extensive web-concentric architecture and database-driven content management system using .Net 2.0 framework, Asp.Net, C# and master pages including a content-driven architecture using custom data providers, custom data-driven site map providers, custom xml/xpath driven providers, and a complete set of custom web controls to leverage and consume the architecture and custom content management system.  Additionally, implementation of MS Commerce Server `07 and extensive customization of the MSCS shopping cart and CommerceComponents library to leverage managed content to intranet and extranet .Net sites utilizing architecture extensions and templated web controls.  Development of custom MCMS pipelines to complete commerce transactions, calculate applicable taxes and assess formula driven and webservice accessed shipping charges.  Xml, Xslt, and Xpath were extensively used to conditionally filter and format content maintained in the content management system.

Logistics Management System Project  

Primary responsibilities included Architect and Project Technical Lead on the development of a .Net solution for logistics management of a manufacturing infrastructure hub including C# and Asp.Net, web services for access by suppliers and conversion of some existing VB legacy asp to C# Asp.Net. Developed a highly customized implementation of the new Microsoft .Net Enterprise Library.  Created Facade patterned layer around .Net Enterprise Library for use by other developers and Singleton pattern around configuration management.  Final phase development (XP Refactoring) and implementation being done in VS 2005 and .Net Framework 2.0.

Additional responsibilities included the development of complex custom XML Section Handlers that create and cache objects based on xml settings (Factory and Builder patterns); developed custom Exception Handlers that implemented a MSMQ Distribution Strategy using SOAP Formatters and Serialization/De-Serialization for an Exception/Instrumentation logging schema to Oracle. Developed extensive xml file driven 'Installer' and a base Installer class for use, through inheritance, in each application assembly to facilitate IIS/MSMQ/Perfmon environment configuration.  PL/SQL Developer was used for the development of stored procedures and triggers.  A test-driven development approach, utilizing NUnit and NUnitAsp, was employed for most aspects of the .Net development. 

Web Integration Project 

Primary responsibilities included Architect and Project Technical Lead on web-based intranet application development for a hospital with Microsoft .Net technology using Visual Studio, C#, .Net Framework, ASP.Net, MS SQLServer 2000 and SharePoint Portal.  Development included ASP.Net web pages, web user control objects, C#, IIS 6, ADO.Net data access, Infragistics NetAdvantage and SharePoint Portal WebParts.  Development included the creation of a `code generator` the generated web user controls, classes, collections and stored procedures that leveraged Reflection and Data Access classes to pre-code data retrieval and storage.  Presentation layer was constructed using Infragistics NetAdvantage controls including WebGrid, WebChart, WebMenu & Navigation bars and UI formatting controls.  Web Services were used as a separation layer between AS400 data and .Net processes with the data access Application Block extended for ADO.Net data access.

Content Management Project  

Primary responsibilities included Project Technical Lead on web-based internet application for web-based presentation using Microsoft .Net technology.Specific technologies included Visual Studio, C#, .Net Framework, ASP.Net, and MS SQLServer 2000.  Development included MS Content Management Server 2002 site setup and development, Asp.Net web pages, C# and custom web user control objects, .Net Application Blocks (data & configuration), IIS 6, and ADO.NET data access. Wilson Master Pages were utilized for page layout consistency and Infragistics NetAdvantage controls were used to enhance the presentation layer.

Web Applications Project  

Primary responsibilities included Project Technical Lead on web-based consumer services intranet application using Microsoft .Net technology. Specific technologies included Visual Studio, C#, .Net Framework, ASP.Net and MS SQLServer 2000.  Development included ASP.Net web pages, C# and custom web user controls, MS SQLServer 2000 database design and development with ADO.NET data access, MSMQ, XML Web Services, .Net Remoting, DHTML, JavaScript client-side functionality. Additionally, UML/RUP application design methodology to capture business processes and data structure.

Triangle Technology                    Austin, TX

Sr. Consultant - Web and Distributed Applications   Oct `97 - Nov `01

Two significant projects using Microsoft, Sun, PowerSoft and Oracle technologies including MS active server pages, Java J2EE, PS Powerbuilder and both SQLServer and Oracle databases.


Information Tracking Project 

Primary responsibilities included Technical Lead on web-based information tracking applications development for the Education Service Center, converted from client-server n-tier based, to allow dynamic, database-driven web access and storage of critical information.  Using Active Server Pages(asp), JavaScript, Java, Java-applets, PowerScript and DHTML to dynamically validate and store data as well as dynamically render and display database-driven pages.  UML application design utilized as a pre-cursor to system development.  Additionally, Oracle database design and development was required for data repository. IDL, DCOM and COM+ were utilized for remote component-method invocation and component pooling.

Decision Support System Project 

Primary responsibilities included Technical Lead on the development of a decision support and service tracking systems utilizing PowerSite(HTML & JavaScript), PowerJ(Java), PowerDynamo, EA Server (Jaguar),  PowerBuilder and Sybase Database System. Web-based and n-tier application modules employed Client and Server-concentric components including web-based CORBA  invoked components delivering dynamic and data-driven web pages and applets deployed using PowerDynamo and EA Server. Additionally, conversion of Powerbuilder classes to CORBA-compliant stateless PowerScript components and development of Java components operating within Sybase EAServer was accomplished.  UML design methodology was implemented and the development of T-SQL stored-procedures and triggers was pervasive throughout construction.  Duties also including data modeling and database design during initial phase of the project.



Academic Background


Microsoft Certified .NET Training     Dec 2001-Feb 2002

  • ASP.NET, C#, .NET Framework and XML Web Services Training
  • .NET Training - 2310B Developing Web Applications using Microsoft  Visual Studio .NET
  • .NET Training - 2349B Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework (Visual C# .NET)
  • .NET Training - 2524B Developing XML Web Services using Microsoft ASP .NET

Master of Science, Information Systems    University of Texas

  • Academic Excellence Award
  • Graduate Research Assistantship - ARRI (Automation Robotics Research Institute)

B. B. A., MIS     Angelo State University

  • Honors Graduate- Management Information Systems with supporting concentration in Computer Science.